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GameplayInside offers highly targeted quality content with a global reach. Starting in 2014 we have been steadily increasing our market share of game related content.

Currently we are providing visitors from 241 different countries with information about gaming which includes not only game specific tutorials but also hardware and software. Most of our visitors originate from the United States. Together with the European Union the “western world” covers  73% of our visitors.

Our young demographic is looking for services on many different market segments. Computers, Employment, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services, Telecom, Real Estate, Travel, Apparel, etc.

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PcInside offers objective, independent and detailed information for anyone interested in pc hardware. At a time where other “tech” sites transitioned into providing more news with little depth PcInside attempts to do the opposite. Most of the content explains pc hardware and related topics. This includes software when needed, for example “Which cpu do I have”.  Additionally PcInside also provides hardware reviews and information about the Android operating system.

PcInside is visited primarily from The Netherlands. Only 9% of our visitors is between 18 and 24 years old, most visitors are 25-34 and 33-45.

As expected our demographics is primarily interested in the acquisition of computer and peripherals, accessories and components. Employment, Mobile Phones and Motor vehicles are also relevant (5%+).

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In Development

Hosting by Hostdeko

At Hostdeko we focus on speed instead of costs! This philosophy sets us apart from 99% of the web hosting industry which is geared towards cost reduction. Reliability is equally important. For our advertisement revenue driven websites downtime means lost income. We get it! In other words; Hostdeko is focused on delivering the type of hosting we would use ourselves. In fact we do…

Our Unique selling points:


Blazing fast


Green (C02 neutral data centre)


Configured to prevent write permission errors

We are faster than the competition


High performance servers


SSD technology and plenty of RAM memory


Fewer users per server


More resources per user


Opcache upgrade avaiable

Design by Wedeko

At Wedeko we focus on designing websites that are easy to maintain by the client. This is accomplished by combining the power of WordPress, a content management system used by 60 million websites, with an advanced theme licensed by Elegant Themes. This combination allows pages to be managed with an easy to understand drag and drop system. No coding is required to change text or even colors. It also means pages are modern, responsive and optimized for Search Engines. Focused at the business user Wedeko can take care of web design, hosting and domain registration allowing companies to easily manage their website.


Complete package



Some of our key features


Easy to maintain





Complex layouts

The theme’s advanced system allows for complex layouts without any coding.

Drag and Drop

The theme’s drag and drop system allows all items to be easily rearranged.

Advanced modules

Insert advanced functions with a single click. For example; Google Maps, audio, video, cool sliders, etc.


Text editor

Text can be edited similar to Microsoft Office. Again no coding required.


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